Our Services

List Solutions provides a full range of direct marketing services to marketers and agencies:

  • Direct Mail List Procurement
  • Email List Procurement & Deployment
  • Email Append: overlay deliverable email addresses to your active, lapsed and former customer file
  • Match and Deploy: deploy emails in conjunction with your direct mail acquisition program
  • Reverse Email Append: Overlay name and address postal information to your email only database
  • Telemarketing Phone Append: overlay current, active phone numbers to your active, lapsed and former customer files.
  • Online List Management and Housing: Let us keep your house file online and accessible to you, your staff and partners for counts and download.
  • Social Media Append and Profile: Append twitter handles, facebook pages and more to understand your clients social involvement.
  • Modeling: Let our team of statisticians build you a model  (good customer match model, full regression or mail match) or let us oversee and manage model builds with other media owners List Solutions works with such as Meredith Publishing, National Geographic, Hearst Publishing, Abacus, I-Behavior, Datalogix, Wiland and many others.
  • Customer Profiling:  Custom profiles for b2c and b2b marketers to better understand what their customers look like
  • Geo-Demographic Zip Modeling:  Looks at your best zips and creates a decile drive, stack ranked solution to find other similar zips.  Creates the ability to fine tune segmentation and make marginal lists profitable.
  • Data Append: Append anywhere from 1 attribute to over 1,000 to your customer file. Demographic, psychographic, behaviorial, attitudinal, RFM and more available, all ala carte.
  • EValidate RX: email hygiene and correction programs for all shapes and sizes
  • Merge Purge: Ensures that you’re not sending out multiple pieces of mail to the same person/household and removes your house file names so that you can provide acquisition offers that are separate from your communication with your current customers.