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While the team at List Solutions can help solve any of your direct mail or email marketing needs and create industry leading recommendations we do have some markets that we see come up more often so we’ve created a little cheat sheet to provide some insight into the types of segmentation that are available when targeting this audience.  Don’t think of this as all that’s available, rather, as the right place to start creating the perfect audience for your product or service! 

Start now by clicking on an example market below and contact us to tell us what you need. One of our experienced media advisors will put together your next successful direct response campaign.

Finding quality automotive mailing lists and email lists is a complicated task due to the Shelby Act and the DPPA. But you’ve come to the right place as List Solutions has years of experience working with manufacturers, insurance companies and aftermarket providers and understands the complex landscape when it comes to finding the right audience.

Top List Selects

  • Car Owners By Make/Model/Year
  • Ultra Luxe Vehicle Owners (Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin and others)
  • Active Sellers and Pre Buyers (exclusive data to List Solutions)
  • Auto Insurance Renewal Month
  • Demographics (age, income, gender, presence of children, high school age child nearing driving age, home value, occupation and hundreds more)
  • Modeling (let List Solutions build custom models to drill down even deeper to reach the right consumers)
  • Garage Predictor Segmentation
  • Modeled and Actual Credit Score Ddata
  • Plan to Purchase Data
  • Current Aggregate Vehicle Value
  • Response Mailing Lists (a wide array of lists are available but some that hit the auto market are Hemming’s Motor News, Car and Driver, Hot Rod, Mustang Monthly, Eastwood Automotive Tools and hundreds of others)

The affluent consumer is a crucial target market for many businesses. And if you’re a purveyor of luxury products, financial services, high end travel or any other business that needs to reach this audience, we know the mailing lists to get you into the right mail boxes. List Solutions works closely with an array of high end auto manufacturers, boutique retailers, affluent targeted financial services providers, luxury travel providers and others companies and have a deep understanding of the space.

Top Affluent List Selections and Tools

  • Luxury Car Owners (able to segment to make, model and year date)
  • High Net Worth Households
  • Investment Holdings
  • Millionaires and Multi-Millionaires
  • High End Home Values
  • Vacation Property Owners
  • High Income Producing Occupational Data (Doctors, Lawyers, Stock Brokers and many others)
  • Affluent Household Modeling Solutions
  • Buyers from Affluent Catalogs (Neiman Marcus, Wine Enthusiast, Timepieces International, Gorsuch, Hideaways Aficionado Club)
  • Subscribers to Affluent Magazines (Robb Report, Forza, Garden and Gun, Hemming’s Sports and Exotics, DuPont Registry, Antiques the Magazine, Art + Auction and many others)
  • Million Dollar Earners
  • Discretionary Spend Index (reach those with money to spend!)
  • High Ranking Executives at their Home Address
  • Celebrities
  • RFM (Recency, Frequency and Monetary Value data to reach those consumers that are in the upper echelon of annual spending on hard goods)

The business to business market is one that offers marketers such deep segmentation and penetration across a wide expanse of databases, subscriber lists, membership rosters, trade show attendees and buyers. And List Solutions can help you target everyone from the Fortune 500 and 1000 type companies all the way down to the new at home start up that is looking to grow and morph into that next hot business. For decades our team has assisted marketers in creating successful direct marketing campaigns aimed at reaching the right executive at the right business at the right time.

Top List Selects and Segments

  • Fortune 500 or 1000 Level Businesses
  • C Suite Executives
  • UCC Fillings
  • Firmographics (Employee Size, Sales Volume, Location Type, Industry and more)
  • Growing Businesses
  • Title (C level all the way to administrative assistants)
  • International Businesses
  • Telemarketing and Email lists
  • Business Response Lists (A sample of mailing lists that can be reached for response files would be Forbes Magazine, Fortune Magazine, Crain’s, Inc Magazine, Fast Company, Bloomberg Business Week, Harvard Business Review and many others)
  • Government Agencies (Local, State and Federal)
  • New Businesses (monthly new businesses that are ripe for your product or service)
  • Businesses with a new CEO or leader
  • Businesses that have just moved

No matter what angle of the healthcare market you need to cover, the targeting exists.  There’s an wide expanse of media opportunities to target both the prospective patient or consumer as well as the healthcare professional.  And with 20 + years of healthcare mailing list experience and a deep roster of clients that target both sides of this marketplace, List Solutions has all of your needs covered.

Top List Selects to Find Patients

  • Families with Children (age of child is available)
  • Household Demographics (Age, Income, Gender, Ethnicity, Language Preference and more)
  • Ailments (target consumers with 100’s of ailments and health issues)
  • Prescription Medication (target by brand or type to find the perfect audience for your business)
  • Seniors with Disabilities
  • Modeling (let list solutions create custom mailing list solutions for you to find more clients and patients that look like yours)
  • Radius and Geo Targeting (ensure the prospects are around your locations)
  • Psychographic Data (use psychographic cluster data to target by attitudes and behaviors)
  • RFM (Recency, frequency and monetary value selectivity around the purchase of health related products)
  • Health Related Publications (Prevention Magazine, Diabetic Living, Arthritis Today, Mayo Clinic Health Letter Subscribers, Weight Watchers Magazine, Nutrition Action Healthletter and others)

No matter what angle of the healthcare market you need to cover, the targeting exists.  There’s an wide expanse of media opportunities to target both the prospective patient or consumer as well as the healthcare professional.  And with 20 + years of healthcare mailing list experience and a deep roster of clients that target both sides of this marketplace, List Solutions has all of your needs covered.

Top List Selections For Targeting Healthcare Professionals

  • License and Board Data (Doctors, Nurses, Dentists , Veterinarians and other Medical Specialists)
  • Practitioner By Area and Specialty
  • Hospitals by Bed Size
  • Medical Practices (By size, type, specialty and more)
  • Subscribers to Medical Journals (Dynamic Chiropractic Magazine, 20/20 Magazine, Review of Optometry, Modern Healthcare Magazine, Diagnostic Imaging and many others)
  • Association Membership (American Dental Hygienists’ Association, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, APTA Physical Therapists, The Endocrine Society,  Society for Neuroscience, Emergency Nurses Association, American College of Cardiology, Oncology Nursing Society and many others)
  • Medical School Attended
  • DEA Prescriber Number

One thing we’ve learned over the years is that regardless of whether or not the real estate market is booming or if it’s in crisis, the focus on improving one’s home never wavers.  But for marketers that question has always been, how do we tap into it? All too often we see simple zip selections made without digging deeper into hitting the right consumer at the right time.  And with the right mailing list strategy contractors, hardware and supply stores, landscapers/garden centers, home goods and other businesses can target the right consumer.

Top List Selects and Segments

  • New Movers and New Homeowners (weekly hotlines available to be in their mailbox first!)
  • Pre-Movers (target consumers actively selling their homes and help them to sell it quicker)
  • Home by Square Footage
  • Age of Home
  • Home Market Value
  • Permit Data (reach homeowners that have active permits for construction projects at their home.  Pools, solar, multiple permits, roofing , plumbing, electrical and other permit types all targeted by date. This is unique to List Solutions!)
  • Lot Size and Acreage
  • Type of Heating
  • Presence of a Pool
  • Presence of Children
  • Home Improvement Magazine Subscribers (This Old House, Family Handyman, Old House Journal,  Do It Yourself Magazine, Fine Homebuilding, Wood Magazine and others
  • Home Improvement Seekers
  • Plan to Do a Home Improvement in the Next 6 Months
  • Modeling (Let the List Solutions team create custom modeling applications to find qualified prospects that look like your current customers)

Finding the best insurance mailing lists and securing new insurance leads doesn’t happen overnight; it takes decades of experience and expertise.  List Solutions has the insurance mailing list experience whether it’s focused on finding homeowner’s insurance, auto insurance, pet insurance, burial insurance, life insurance (whole life and term) and health insurance.  With a deep understanding of mailing lists and custom models, List Solutions can help you find the right prospect at the right time regardless of the type or types of insurance you offer.

Top List Selects and Segments

  • Month and Year Date of Birth
  • Presence of Children (includes reaching prenatal households and recent postnatal households)
  • Auto Insurance Renewal Dates
  • Homeowners Insurance Renewal Dates
  • New Homeowners and New Movers
  • Pre Movers
  • Property Data (Home Value, Size of Home, Lot Size, # of Bedrooms, # of Bathrooms, Purchase Date, Presence of a Pool, Mortgage Amount and many other property characteristics)
  • Auto Data (Make/Model/Year)
  • Active Sellers and Pre Buyers of Autos (perfect for daily and weekly programs)
  • Waterfront Properties
  • Moving Violation Data (DUI, DWI, Wreckless Driving, Careless Driving, Speeding, etc
  • Presence of a Pet (Dog Fancy, Cat Fancy, ASPCA Donors, lifestyle survey data, Buyers of pet products and many other sources are available)
  • Active Life Insurance Seekers
  • Caregiver Data
  • Life Event and Life Change Data (new baby, parents to be, divorce, newly married, engaged, child nearing driving age, college bound students and other life event options)

Nonprofit mailing lists are aplenty and the ability to target by the type of donor gives organizations looking to increase their pool of donors a great opportunity.  And List Solutions has been helping nonprofits to uncover he right mailing lists for their direct mail marketing campaigns for the last 20+ years.  With deep research chops to help you understand seasonality and when to be in the mail to providing creative treatment assistance to modeling and mailing list acquisition, it’s a one stop shop.

Top List Selects

  • Donors to Specific Organizations (a few examples would be March of Dimes, VFW, Easter Seals, American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association, PVA, AICR,  and many more)
  • Donors by Type (health related, charitable, wildlife, environmental, Christian, political liberal, political conservative, police/fire, food banks, community , etc)
  • Custom Donor Models and Profiles
  • Regional Donor Propensity Models
  • Religious and Ethnic Segmentation
  • Direct Mail Donors
  • High Dollar Donors
  • New Homeowners
  • New Movers
  • Magazine Change of Address
  • Political Contributors by Party and Interest

Retail store owners, managers and marketing directors need to drive brick-and-mortar and internet traffic for two reasons: response and sales. Period. The right retail mailing lists can make all the difference, but how do you choose the right ones, as well as match your offering with available retail mailing lists? Whether you’re a national chain or a single store looking to drive and expand traffic, List Solutions provides the tools and experience to find a market that’s built for the long-term.

Top List Selects

  • Magazine Subscribers
  • Interests and Lifestyles
  • Retail Buying Activity
  • Internet Buyers
  • Holiday Buying Habits
  • Catalog Buyers by Type and Name
  • Presence of Children
  • Radius to Store Location
  • Purchase Behavior
  • Income and Age

Perhaps no industry is less predictable than real estate. That’s why good real estate mailing lists are so important, and why solid first-time-home-buyer mailing lists can be so hard to find. With over two decades of real estate mailing list experience, List Solutions brings you the lists that create dynamic real estate direct mail opportunities. No matter how tight the market, buyers and sellers need to be found. And tapping our data experts to build custom databases and segmentation is the best way to bring them together.

Top List Selects

  • Pre-Movers
  • Phone Numbers (Do-Not-Call Compliant)
  • Mortgage Amount
  • First Time Home Buyer Models
  • Home Market Value
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Loan-to-Value Ratio
  • New Home Buyer Prospect Models

No doubt about it, Baby Boomers are booming their way into retirement. As this population explodes, List Solutions can help you capture the lucrative over-50 market with the right senior mailing lists. Despite the fact that seniors are the fastest-growing internet audience, they still respond far better to offline and direct mail communication. List Solutions understands the implications for effective targeting, and has the right combination of experience and skills to bring that senior targeting ability to you.

Top List Selects

  • Type of Ailment
  • Buyers of Medical Supplies
  • Home Value
  • Subscribers to Specific Magazines
  • Senior Travel Club Members
  • Exact Age and Date of Birth
  • Income
  • Donors
  • Large Print Magazine Readers
  • Members to Senior Organizations

Life and trigger events are the points in life that drive economic activity. Put these moments to work for you with List Solutions’ comprehensive array of life-events mailing lists. From new-homeowner mailing lists to new-parents mailing lists, List Solutions opens access to consumers in need of your services—now. Whether you’re a retailer looking to drive traffic for a bridal registry or a lawn maintenance company looking to reach new homeowners, List Solutions can help you find and target your next customer.

Top List Selects

  • Engaged Couples
  • Newly Married Couples
  • Wedding Anniversary
  • New Movers
  • New Homeowners
  • Mortgage Applicants
  • Recent Foreclosure; Notice of Default
  • Parents-to-Be
  • New Parents
  • Recent Teenage Driver
  • Recent Traffic Offenders by Violation
  • High School Seniors
  • Recent College Grads
  • Recent Divorcees
  • Recently Unemployed
  • Recently Started a New Job
  • Career Changers
  • Recent Retirees
  • Recently Started a New Business
  • New Car Buyers
  • New Business Owners

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