Transactional ProductBASE

SEGMENTS Counts Through 01/08/2014
82,057,301 Total Universe / Base Rate $85.00/M
0 Monthly Hotline (New Adds Only) +$10.00/M

This highly predictive transactional database accurately targets future product offers using the increased visibility of historical household purchases as recent as the last 30 days!

Improve mailing results and segmentation through known product category purchases and the RFM (recency, frequency, and monetary) buying history.

Categories Available:
Active Outdoors Dollar
Active Outdoors Freq
Active Outdoors Recency
Apparel Western Dollar
Apparel Western Freq
Apparel Western Recency
Automotive Tools & Gadgets Dollar
Automotive Tools & Gadgets Freq
Automotive Tools & Gadgets Recency
Books Dollar
Books Freq
Books Recency
Children Apparel Dollar
Children Apparel Freq
Children Apparel Recency
Children Merchandise Dollar
Children Merchandise Freq
Children Merchandise Recency
Collectibles Dollar
Collectibles Freq
Collectibles Recency
Continuity Dollar
Continuity Freq
Continuity Recency
Cosmetics/Perfume Dollar
Cosmetics/Perfume Freq
Cosmetics/Perfume Recency
Electronics/Gadgets Dollar
Electronics/Gadgets Freq
Electronics/Gadgets Recency
Extreme/Snowsports Dollar
Extreme/Snowsports Freq
Extreme/Snowsports Recency
Food & Snacks Dollar
Food & Snacks Freq
Food & Snacks Recency
Furniture Dollar
Furniture Freq
Furniture Recency
Gardening Decor Dollar
Gardening Decor Freq
Gardening Decor Recency
Gardening Supplies/Seeds/Flowers Dollar
Gardening Supplies/Seeds/Flowers Freq
Gardening Supplies/Seeds/Flowers Recency
Gift Cards & Stationery Dollar
Gift Cards & Stationery Freq
Gift Cards & Stationery Recency
High-Price Home Decor Dollar
High-Price Home Decor Freq
High-Price Home Decor Recency
Hobbies & Crafts Dollar
Hobbies & Crafts Freq
Hobbies & Crafts Recency
Home Imp./Safety Dollar
Home Imp./Safety Freq
Home Imp./Safety Recency
Jewelry & Accessories Dollar
Jewelry & Accessories Freq
Jewelry & Accessories Recency
Kitchen & Tabletop Dollar
Kitchen & Tabletop Freq
Kitchen & Tabletop Recency
Linen & Bedding Dollar
Linen & Bedding Freq
Linen & Bedding Recency
Low Price Home Decor Dollar
Low Price Home Decor Freq
Low Price Home Decor Recency
Men’s Casual Apparel Dollar
Men’s Casual Apparel Freq
Men’s Casual Apparel Recency
Mid-Price Gifts Dollar
Mid-Price Gifts Freq
Mid-Price Gifts Recency
Mid-Price Home Decor Dollar
Mid-Price Home Decor Freq
Mid-Price Home Decor Recency
Music Dollar
Music Freq
Music Recency
Pets Dollar
Pets Freq
Pets Recency
Professional/Office/Business Dollar
Professional/Office/Business Freq
Professional/Office/Business Recency
Seasonal Gifts Dollar
Seasonal Gifts Freq
Seasonal Gifts Recency
Travel & Luggage Dollar
Travel & Luggage Freq
Travel & Luggage Recency
Vitamins/Health Products Dollar
Vitamins/Health Products Freq
Vitamins/Health Products Recency
Women’s Athletic Apparel Dollar
Women’s Athletic Apparel Freq
Women’s Athletic Apparel Recency
Women’s Casual Apparel Dollar
Women’s Casual Apparel Freq
Women’s Casual Apparel Recency
Women’s High End Apparel Dollar
Women’s High End Apparel Freq
Women’s High End Apparel Recency
Women’s Low Price Apparel Dollar
Women’s Low Price Apparel Freq
Women’s Low Price Apparel Recency
Women’s Mid-Price Apparel Dollar
Women’s Mid-Price Apparel Freq
Women’s Mid-Price Apparel Recency
Women’s Plus-Size Apparel Dollar
Women’s Plus-Size Apparel Freq
Women’s Plus-Size Apparel Recency
* The base rate covers all RFM and/or product category selections.

——– DATE ——–
01/08/2014 UPDATED
01/08/2014 CONFIRMED

——– SEX ———
41% MALE

——- MEDIA ——–
100% transactional database
Compiled lists

$3.00 Gender/Sex
$5.00 Dwelling Size/Type
$5.00 Household Income
$10.00 1 Month Hotline
$10.00 Age
$10.00 Education
$10.00 Mail-Order Buyer
$10.00 Presence of Child
$10.00 Renter
$20.00 Childs Age
$20.00 Childs Date of Birth
$20.00 Ethnic/Ethnicity
$50.00 CD ROM
$50.00 EMAIL
$75.00 FTP


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