Phone Verified DiabeticSOURCE Mailing List

SEGMENTS Counts Through 07/31/2014
349,987 90-Day Hotline $190/M

If you’re looking to reach diabetics and have gone through the trials and tribulations of testing the never ending stream of self reported sources on the market we invite you to move beyond self reported and test our list owner’s data, available for the first time, made up solely of 100% phone verified prospects for you or your client’s next direct mail marketing campaign. With a 90 day hotline of approximately 350,000 records we’re positive that we can supply a steady flow of data to feed your need for consistent, reliable data.  In addition to have telephone verified prospects, each of these consumers is age 65 or greater and ripe to receive offers both in and out of category for publishing, merchandise, insurance, medical supplies, fundraising, financial services and much more.

Selection Criteria $10/M:
Currently using Medicare
Medicare Card Ready
# of Tests Per Day
Age of Current Meter
Phone Number
Doctor Name
Doctor State
Doctor Zip
Creation Date/Hotline

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