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SEGMENTS Counts Through 07/31/2014
823,601 Total Universe / Base Rate $110.00/M
823,601 Active Subscribers $110.00/M
74,859 1 Month Hotline Subscribers +$17.00/M
311,550 3 Month Hotline Subscribers +$12.00/M
478,962 6 Month Hotline Subscribers +$9.00/M
9,555 3 Month COA Subscribers +$12.00/M
0 Expires $75.00/M
0 Active Canadian Subscribers $130.00/M
0 Catalog Rate $85.00/M
0 Fundraising Rate $75.00/M

Published by Meredith Corporation, Fitness magazine is the source for information about healthy living for women in their 20s and 30s.

FITNESS stands apart from other magazines by providing real advice for real women. Confident, fresh, vibrant and motivating, FITNESS has remained true to its category with a focus on mind, body, and spirit. Connecting directly with today’s active women, it provides the realistic tools and information readers need to achieve balance in all areas of their lives. FITNESS readers look for help with
weight loss and for routines they can do at home. These young women want to feel healthier, not become weight lifters. They are driven to make the most of their own potential, not someone else’s myth of perfection. Grounded and accessible, FITNESS is never condescending. It accepts who the readers are and, at the same time, urges them to set goals ambitiously. Empowering, energetic, balanced, strong, FITNESS is the magazine for today’s changing women.

Young at heart, these active women know fitness can help bring their lives the balance they are proactively seeking. They are well-educated with above average incomes. To complete their lives, they pursue interests in sports, recreation, food, health, beauty, fashion, and travel.

Median Age: 39
Median Income $70,000
Median Home Value: $241,000
Own a Home: 64%
Married: 50%

Sample mail piece required. Payment due 30 days from mail date. Orders cancelled before M/D are subject to $100 Flat Cancel fee, $15/M Run charges, applicable select charges, & flat media fee. Orders cancelled post-merge or after M/D, full rental applies.
——– DATE ——–
08/13/2014 UPDATED
07/28/2014 CONFIRMED


——– SEX ———
26% MALE

——- MEDIA ——–
DTP 31%   DMS 48%   Paid 98%

$9.00 Gender
$9.00 State/SCF/ZIP
$10.00 3rd Party Blow-In
$12.00 Direct to Publisher (DTP)
$12.00 Paid
$16.00 Age
$16.00 Lifestyle
$60.00 EMAIL
$85.00 FTP


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