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SEGMENTS Counts Through 07/31/2014
5,670,665 Total Universe / Base Rate $110.00/M
5,670,665 Active Subscribers $110.00/M
378,253 1 Month Hotline Subscribers +$17.00/M
1,356,102 3 Month Hotline Subscribers +$12.00/M
2,224,860 6 Month Hotline Subscribers +$9.00/M
45,645 3 Mos COA Subscribers +$12.00/M
0 Expires $75.00/M
7,102 Active Canadian Subscribers $130.00/M
0 Catalog Rate $85.00/M
0 Fundraising Rate $75.00/M

Published by Meredith Corporation, Better Homes and Gardens is the trusted authority on American home and family life. For the woman who reads BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS, home is where she creates her life story. It’s her haven, where she raises her family, entertains friends, and celebrates life’s big and small accomplishments. It’s where she indulges her dreams and builds a world of her own. Home is her emotional center; it’s where life happens. BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS recognizes this and inspires her with infinite possibilities for creativity and self- expression. Each issue delivers smart, approachable editorial on design and individual style, decorating and gardening, food and entertaining, and personal and family well-being. BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS helps her bridge the gap between dreaming and doing.

BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS subscribers maintain highly mail-interactive relationships with the magazine and its advertisers. They complete and mail BRM cards for literature, join clubs, and respond to the many direct print advertisers found in every issue.

Median Age: 45
Median Income: $67,000
Median Home Value: $209,000
Own a Home: 79%
Married: 66%

Sample mail piece required. Payment due 30 days from mail date. Orders cancelled before M/D are subject to $100 Flat Cancel fee, $15/M Run charges, applicable select charges, & flat media fee. Orders cancelled post-merge or after M/D, full rental applies.
——– DATE ——–
08/13/2014 UPDATED
08/01/2014 CONFIRMED


——– SEX ———
16% MALE

——- MEDIA ——–
DTP 51%   DMS 55%   Paid 98%

$9.00 Gender
$9.00 State/SCF/ZIP
$10.00 3rd Party Blow-In
$12.00 Direct to Publisher (DTP)
$12.00 Paid
$16.00 Age
$16.00 Lifestyle
$60.00 EMAIL
$85.00 FTP


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