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Nonprofit mailing lists are aplenty and the ability to target by the type of donor gives organizations looking to increase their pool of donors a great opportunity.  And List Solutions has been helping nonprofits to uncover he right mailing lists for their direct mail marketing campaigns for the last 20+ years.  With deep research chops to help you understand seasonality and when to be in the mail to providing creative treatment assistance to modeling and mailing list acquisition, it’s a one stop shop.

Top List Selects

  • Donors to Specific Organizations (a few examples would be March of Dimes, VFW, Easter Seals, American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association, PVA, AICR,  and many more)
  • Donors by Type (health related, charitable, wildlife, environmental, Christian, political liberal, political conservative, police/fire, food banks, community , etc)
  • Custom Donor Models and Profiles
  • Regional Donor Propensity Models
  • Religious and Ethnic Segmentation
  • Direct Mail Donors
  • High Dollar Donors
  • New Homeowners
  • New Movers
  • Magazine Change of Address
  • Political Contributors by Party and Interest

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