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Finding the best insurance mailing lists and securing new insurance leads doesn’t happen overnight; it takes decades of experience and expertise.  List Solutions has the insurance mailing list experience whether it’s focused on finding homeowner’s insurance, auto insurance, pet insurance, burial insurance, life insurance (whole life and term) and health insurance.  With a deep understanding of mailing lists and custom models, List Solutions can help you find the right prospect at the right time regardless of the type or types of insurance you offer.

Top List Selects and Segments

  • Month and Year Date of Birth
  • Presence of Children (includes reaching prenatal households and recent postnatal households)
  • Auto Insurance Renewal Dates
  • Homeowners Insurance Renewal Dates
  • New Homeowners and New Movers
  • Pre Movers
  • Property Data (Home Value, Size of Home, Lot Size, # of Bedrooms, # of Bathrooms, Purchase Date, Presence of a Pool, Mortgage Amount and many other property characteristics)
  • Auto Data (Make/Model/Year)
  • Active Sellers and Pre Buyers of Autos (perfect for daily and weekly programs)
  • Waterfront Properties
  • Moving Violation Data (DUI, DWI, Wreckless Driving, Careless Driving, Speeding, etc
  • Presence of a Pet (Dog Fancy, Cat Fancy, ASPCA Donors, lifestyle survey data, Buyers of pet products and many other sources are available)
  • Active Life Insurance Seekers
  • Caregiver Data
  • Life Event and Life Change Data (new baby, parents to be, divorce, newly married, engaged, child nearing driving age, college bound students and other life event options)

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