Healthcare Consumers

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No matter what angle of the healthcare market you need to cover, the targeting exists.  There’s an wide expanse of media opportunities to target both the prospective patient or consumer as well as the healthcare professional.  And with 20 + years of healthcare mailing list experience and a deep roster of clients that target both sides of this marketplace, List Solutions has all of your needs covered.

Top List Selects to Find Patients

  • Families with Children (age of child is available)
  • Household Demographics (Age, Income, Gender, Ethnicity, Language Preference and more)
  • Ailments (target consumers with 100’s of ailments and health issues)
  • Prescription Medication (target by brand or type to find the perfect audience for your business)
  • Seniors with Disabilities
  • Modeling (let list solutions create custom mailing list solutions for you to find more clients and patients that look like yours)
  • Radius and Geo Targeting (ensure the prospects are around your locations)
  • Psychographic Data (use psychographic cluster data to target by attitudes and behaviors)
  • RFM (Recency, frequency and monetary value selectivity around the purchase of health related products)
  • Health Related Publications (Prevention Magazine, Diabetic Living, Arthritis Today, Mayo Clinic Health Letter Subscribers, Weight Watchers Magazine, Nutrition Action Healthletter and others)

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