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Continuing Education is a staple in today’s world for many who want to advance their careers. Let our data and our experienced team skills work for you with List Solutions’ comprehensive array of education lists. From reaching the parents of students and students themselves, List Solutions provides a world of access to all your education needs. We have seen great success over the course of our years of working with this type of data for college and university offers whether they are offering information on upcoming programs, symposiums or financial aid, organizations wanting to target households with homeschoolers, insurance offers for parents with students, car dealers searching for soon to be college graduates, or retailers looking to reach households with elementary school aged children, List Solutions will assist you in targeting your customer. We strive to bring our clients only the most tried and true performing options in the market place for direct mail, email broadcasting or digital and social display.

Top List Selects

  • Degree level
  • Current school year
  • Degree / field of study interest
  • Homeschooling
  • Household income
  • Student age

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