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Finding quality automotive mailing lists and email lists is a complicated task due to the Shelby Act and the DPPA. But you’ve come to the right place as List Solutions has years of experience working with manufacturers, insurance companies and aftermarket providers and understands the complex landscape when it comes to finding the right audience.

Top List Selects

  • Car Owners By Make/Model/Year
  • Ultra Luxe Vehicle Owners (Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin and others)
  • Active Sellers and Pre Buyers (exclusive data to List Solutions)
  • Auto Insurance Renewal Month
  • Demographics (age, income, gender, presence of children, high school age child nearing driving age, home value, occupation and hundreds more)
  • Modeling (let List Solutions build custom models to drill down even deeper to reach the right consumers)
  • Garage Predictor Segmentation
  • Modeled and Actual Credit Score Ddata
  • Plan to Purchase Data
  • Current Aggregate Vehicle Value
  • Response Mailing Lists (a wide array of lists are available but some that hit the auto market are Hemming’s Motor News, Car and Driver, Hot Rod, Mustang Monthly, Eastwood Automotive Tools and hundreds of others)

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